At FIT SQUARED SHOES, LLC, we have created the most innovative fastening system for shoes since the shoelace was first used over 5,000 years ago. It’s a simple, one-pull, patented system that revolutionizes the way shoes are “tied;” something that no one has ever seen, something completely new, and something different.

We call this shoe-fastening system “FIT SQUARED” (FIT2), and we suspect it will transform the footwear industry.

One pull does it all. No laces to tie. A single pull of a tab allows for easy-on/easy-off using just one hand.

Some may call it a work of art; we call it “state of the art.” Yes, it’s here: a shoe-fastening system that truly fits the 21st Century.

Finally, an innovation that makes life easier and movement more comfortable.  Isn’t this a fitting time?

The Venerable Shoelace – Friend and Foe

FIT2 Shoe-Closure Systems

Transformative Technologies

In 2010, Tom Adams, after many years in the footwear business, gathered a select group of experienced shoe people to establish Fit Squared Shoes, LLC (“FIT2”} as a research facility to study and improve shoe closure.  (The shoelace is 5,500 years old.)

Step One: FIT2 took a long and hard look at the shoelace with the goal of finding a closure method that would be easier to use, adjust more efficiently, and that would hug and support the entire foot – not just the midfoot as does the shoelace – a system that could be easily reached and fully adjusted by every wearer, including the third-trimester mother-to-be, children, the elderly, and those with reduced mobility – without compromising appearance and style.

Step Two:  The research paradigm promoted a focus on creating closure methods that could be used in all categories and types of laced shoes – from casual to high-performance athletic. Over eight years, two distinct, multi- faceted shoe closure systems were invented, developed, tested, and patented.  Imagine: “No more shoelaces to stretch for, tie, break or trip upon.”

Having reached its goal, and with the circle of U.S. and international patents having recently been closed, FIT2 is now ready to transfer these intellectual properties, by sale or license – in whole or in part – to an entrepreneurial footwear company, for use on its current products and/or to be used as the linchpin to establish one of more new brands.  The sublicensing to other companies of parts of the Intellectual Properties could provide a source of passive income.

These new closure technologies may well change the pulse of the footwear industry.

We shall be pleased to show the many possible variations of the “Single-Pull and Double-Pull Fit Adjustment System for Shoes” [Patent I] and the “Squared-Cord Shoe Closure System” [Patent II]+ 2 trademarks® and 2 logos for brand/product identity use.


Tom Adams, CEO


NOTE: Introducing new technologies can be challenging, even disruptive.  To smoothly and expeditiously integrate this new technology into your company’s product offerings, FIT2, while initially assisting your in-house staff, can introduce you to the following “Turn-Key” services: Designer Boutique, Sourcing Agent/Factories; Marketing/Advertising Agency; and IP Counsel.

“Rethink the Shoelace”